Front-End Engineer

I'm an eager developer looking for new opportunities and explorations in the UI industry.
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Lingo is an ios nativa application. the idea is about learning a new word everyday with friendly user interface and User experience as book.


CAPTURENOTE are ios/android native applications. the idea is about make users easy to take a notes, quickly taking the restaurant map or phone number, easily taking information by shoting photos.


POLA TV is android native applications for tv. the idea is about make users to display shops menu easily and changing menu easily such as checking sold out menus, popular menu hot menu etc..


2gather is android social application. 2gather makes user easily gather more freinds to fun and activities together very spontaneously. 2gather dislpays friends activities status and It has nudge system so that make enagaging more user to have activities togather.


Matna is food resturant application

SmartParking close

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